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turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. >> he threw awayya $10,000 winning ticket.
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>> i don't know what happened. >> the extreme measures he went through to get it back. >> first, florida paator planned to burn the koran. then later today his plans were can z now the rally may bb back on again. >> the cool temperatures continue, and a chance for rain is moving in. cold front that could bring in the showers, and when they will arrive. in the sky watch forecast. >> he is tv's newest pitch man, the product you will soon see ray lewis promoting. >> live in high definition, fro3 wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 nees at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and iiam jennifer gilbert. a man accused of executing a stranger is back behind bars. >> james king allowed to walk the street for one week, evenú though he waa charged with murder. >> as crime and justice joy lepola tells us, there are two -aailies outraged tonight. >> he did not do this, and i
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know he did not..3 >> the mother of suspected killer james king,,leaves court outraged. it ollows a judge's decision to revoke king's bail. >> he is not a cold blooded the bad part is that they are not looking for the real killer. police wann to olve the case, and close it, because they got so many murders already. >> king was held without bail iniiially. then the attorney asked he judge for reconsider. bail was set at $$ million. king walked out of jail, a free man, evvn though he had been charged with murder. >> in this case, there was no hearing. the statt did not have notice. out.e acted as soon as we found >> for nearly a weeks the family of calvin yyung lived in fear. ú%ung's family talked with us3 aboot t, from new jersey. >> whether the decision, we were very worried about it. like for the familyyand for the because he is around this area. >> in arguing thh case, prosecutors pointed to seven
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prior convictions, ing. one of which was from an escape when he as under house arrest. king's attorney, countered the argument. >> i thinkkhis presence here today confirms the fact he is ú%t a flight risk. >> he shot king twice in the head in a close range at a stoplight. -ottves are road rage. and maybe a hate crime. -> all of us, cannot accept this. we did not believe this is for real. calvin, is the soul of the family..3 and we lost him. >> in arundel county. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00 >> tonight king is back behind bars being held without bail. >> police are investigatingga murder in west baltimore. it happened at about 1:00 this afternoon. on baker street near bradish pronounced dead at the hospital.
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with the arrest of a shooting suspect. it happened in west baltimore. ooficers say they spotted 19-year-old michael ellis on mont mere court near baker street. he went inside of a home and a standoff started. police roped-off the aaea and swat was caaled in. >> due to the nature of the warrant for which he was wanted. %-precautions to protect everyoe ii the neighborhood. and do what we id to apprehend him. >> ellis was wanting foo a shooting earlier this month, after a three hour standoff police took him in to dead custody. >> aamost 100 firefighters battle an eight alarm blaze in west baltimore. can karen parks is standing by at the scene to tell us why firefighters said it proofs the serious lack of resources. >> after yesterday's fire you can still smell smoke. debris is evvrywhere. see thh burnt out homes. and dozens of firefiggters were called to this scene. but they all were not from baltimore. and if it wasn't for the extra
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help, some say, we could have been in ig trouble. >> my roof issgone..3 my hird floor is gone. >> day after a ire frenzy in west baltimore. >> half of my second floor is gone. i had water in the basement like that. so probably lost my heating system. >> eva bbown and 6 family members, trr to pick up the left over pieces. -> nobody knows how i feel. nobody knows how i feel. >> the fire, nearly destroyed more than a dozen homes, withhn blocks. >> it as fast. ittwas really fast. it was burning like, i don'' know what. >> more than 100 firefighters were called tt the scene. companies tootransfer in from arundel county. baltimore county. hooard county. harford county. as far as you washingtonn d.c.. this was a fire that in days gone by, would have been serious, but there would have been enough resources left in
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the city tooadequately protect the city. >> a multi-million dollar deficit forced city officials to continue, at least he three3 rotating fire company daily. >> cut to the bone. beyond cut to the bone. into the bone now. and llst night was an example of that. >> just laat thing they need to cut. they cut police. >> doonot cut the fire. >> a spokesperson for the mayor released thii statement. despite a record $111 million %-mayor stephanie rawlings-blake restored fire to reduce the closures, over last year. there are, at least, three rotating fire company closures every day. in west karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you karen. ú% police in ballimoreecounty investigating a serious stabbing in reisterstown. it happened at the intersection of routee140 and franklin
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boulevard. police are not sure if it was a robbery attempt. but they believe a fight broke out before the victim was stabbed. the ictim could die from the injuries. the suspect is still on the loose. >> the 14-year-old girl accused of murdering a maa, during a robbery attempt last month. will be charged as an adult. police say arteesha holt shot a man when she tried to rob him and another man. police say holt pulled the gun on the man because they laughed at her whennshe demanded the money. >> police arrest the man suspected of rape, in annapolis. investigators believe franklyioo hall sexually assaulting a woman near a building at southgate avenue aad west street. he was just released from jail one month ago. after serving a year for armed robbery. >> update to the steer you saw first last night on fox. revised sexual harassment lawsuit against executive john
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leopold was filed today t reveals some bizarre behavior. the plaintiff karla ham ner paints a clearer pictuue of what ú% descriied as a skkrt chasing county executive. who she said wiil go to great lengths to get whatthe wants. binoculars to scope out attractive women and order police offiiers to run down the licenselates. >> he would ask the guard. ask police officers, ask anybody else he had to, to get the peesoo. >> the lawsuit also claims leopold used fear to keep eeployees quiet. -nd ham ner is seeking $330,000. county's attorney said the case -as no merit. >> a very unusuallcapture at dulles airpprt over theelabor day holiday weekennd these snails, a traveler from west africa was trring to bring 14 giant africa laad snails into the u.s. they can grow to inches in length. and 4 inches high. they are conssdered a threat because they damage crops very
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the snails were destroyed. the travelers were not punished. >> it took three messy estimates attempts but a glen burnie man one of the latest lottery winners. >> keith daniels is here now with how dumppter diving, for3 the picture, paid off big. keith? >> that's ight jenniier and hii name is dennis keatly and he has a dirty story. lottery ticket pulled from the trash before he could get the >> dennis keatly could be considered a lucky man. %--inner again.lossr, then >> the day i hit the lottery. >> he is a salesman in pen ffanklin. a top seller and a lottery player that retrieeed a $10,000 winning ticket, from a umpster before office to late. >> i was lucky i found it. much less hit ting. >> he scratched off a black cherry doubleer, winning ticket several months ago.
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waited to redeem it. did not want to spend the winnings all at once he put it table at his apartment. and after a few ays, reallzed the case was gone. >> i don't know what happened. but be i cannot fine the dvd case. tore the house apart.3 >> as a last resort, he went to the dumpster near the apartment. -earched every trash bag that looked like his. no llck. on the third try, two maintenance workers, including michael marttn, saw keatll search and offered help. >> i apologized for makingga mess by the dumpster, when he asked me what i lost. and it was this $10,000 ticket. >> i thought he ave he was bluffing, so i kept on going. >> but martin returned, then sifted through garbage looking foo a white trash barks filled with dvd. >> i happened to stumble across a bag with dvv cases in it. so it was on the ground. he ran over, took the ticket and
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>> keatly claimed the wingsú wednesday. >> i went to cash it in. and the guy said you re lucky.3 and i was like, yeah i was lucky, i losttand found it. >> luckily he found the ticket the day beffre the garbage was %-10:00.niels, fox 45 news at ú% what a great story. on the football is mean for old spice body wash.mercial >> don't play fantasy football i play for real football. it takes a lot of hard work. a pinch of luck. body muscles. some salt. and this. old spice. swager booy waah. like a ffntasy, only it is real,
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>> shouldn't hat raven be moving forward in front of that window. ray had a lots to about the jets today. aad rex yan. entire it all on "sports unlimited" at 1050. >> ray lewis sounds like he is reaay for football. >> the fans are too. fans and cheerleaders gather at power plant live to celebrate the start of the season. evennthough thhy are not playinn tonight fans say our first ame will be ust as good. >> go to new york and take on the jets, monday night foottall. open the stadium. great night. >> show us your pride. send us pictures as youuare ready for the kickoff. go to pride. >> he brought thousands of new voters to the polls right here in the state of maryland. where but where will they go this yeer, since the president is not on the ballott
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our cover story onight. -> also ahead.3 tell you why a bomb squad was called in, to take care of what there, as a child's >> and, of course, muslims do not want to us burn theekoran. >> you will not believe ttis story. next, the evolving conttoversy over the urning f the quran. it was cancelled. and now what is happeningg yes, indeed, there is an update on the other side of the break.ú >> dry fall like day today. but we have some rain on the way for the weekend. i will tell you when it will3 arrive, coming up in the sky watch forecast. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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from randallstown is being returned to this country tonight. on sunday, 25-year-old christopher vaile veilllost his life in afghanistan. tonight jeff abell shows us how3 he is being remembered. >> everyone knows that christopher was mm life. i raased christopher all of my life, by myself. >> ara vaile is dealing with the pain of losing her only child. >> that's what i will miss he most. and his smile. %-just the way he just enccpturd everything, every day. all about liie for him..3 >> her son christopher fresh out of hiih school when he joined the marines. by the time he was 23,,he was a and the served three tours in iraq. but two years ago, during his final tour ii iraq, vaile was severely injured by a roadside bomb. >> he took shrapnel on the left side of the body. both ear drums shattered. >> he was aaarded the purppe heartt he ould havv come home. refusing to leave the squadaq,
10:17 pm
bbhind. >> he loved it that much. he loved his men. >> on sunnay, christopher vaile veil now working with a private security firm in afghanistan encountered another roadside bomb. this time it costthim his. >> a mother does not have words to describe the loss f the only child she has had. at the family home in rannallstown, mother and iance, hold onto pictures and meeories. >> i know, i feel comfort in the fact that, you know, he had so %-love and support around him,l that he died happy. and there is nothing else more that you could ask for. >> the son, that became a soldier,,is gone, at 25. >> i will be proud to the day i die. i will see him again. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> before oining the marines, he graduated from the carver center for arts and technology where he played varsity lacrosse. 3
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>> foomer maryland governor ehrrich cast his vote n the ehrlicc and his wife took advantage of the early voting today. and submitted their ballots in annapolis. the democratic party is criticizing the republican chillier foo voting early because ehrlich has criticized the process in the past. >> despite my reservation, my staff thought it was the appropriate thing to do. begin the new experiment. -uttas i said, this is not necessarily the best time to ú%periment with early voting given the physical constraints. >> early voting is cost the -tate millions of dollars. state is facing uppto a $2 billion shortfall next year alooe. you can get the latest information on the primaries, and the november election, simply by going to and clicking on vote 2010. >> new tonight. plans by a florida pastor to
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burn 200 qurans have been suspended. a lot of thiigs led to it. including comments from the president. ú%ministration. the obama and it may involve the controversial mossue near ground zerr in new york. marian afternoonty tells us what the pastor plans to do now. >> plans for a astor to burn copies of thh qurrn to mark the ú%niversary of the september 11 attacks, has been suspended but3 not called off. pastorrterry jones of gainsville florida said heewould fly to new york and try to conviice the imam that plans to buiid a mosque near groond zero to move it. >> if thee were willinggto, either cancel the mosque at the ground zero location, or if they were willing to move that location we would consider ttat a sign from god. >> however, imam said thatthe has not spokkn to pastor jones
10:20 pm
and plans to move thh mosque are untrue. in a statement, the imam said that we are not going to troy toy with our religion or any other, or barrer. we are hhre to extend our hands and build peace and harm night obama administration stepping in, as secretaay of defense robert gates placed a call3 imam, who appeared with astor jones said religious tollrance %-american way.part f the >>i wann to send a message, today, to tte muslim world, that the u.s. still and will always be,,the place where people of ú%l faiths, and all colors, an -oexist in peace. that the right of muslims, in this counnry, are respected. >> pastor jones hopes imam ralph will liiten. >> american people do not want aad muslims do not want to us build the quran.
10:21 pm
from ground zero will be an attack. and encourage other grouus to recruit more terrorists. fox news. >> while the plans were off. we asked if you agreed with the decision to cancel plans toú builddthe quran.3 most of you aid yes.ú 74 to 26 percent. on our website, mike from columbia said yes. people neee to learn how to respect and tolerate diiferences. >> but on facebook, pete ssid no. how many muslim protests have we seen with them burniig the american flag, disgraceing our freeddms. go o and tells us what you think. sound off through facebook. be send us a text. and we will hear ore rrsponses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. donald trump got involved in the ground zero mosque debate. he offered to buy the site foo what developers paid. plus 25 percent. all cash.
10:22 pm
with an immediate closing. only caveat requiressdeveeopers to build the mosque five blocks from ground zero, instead of tte proposed two. no comment from the builder or imam in charge of the projeet. >> newest monument honoring the hee roves 9/11 is not ii eww3 york, but in arrndel county. >> joel d. smith, takes us to millers vilwhere actual pieces of the world tradd center have a new home and a newwpurpose. >> louie is leaving today for ú% honor his cousin, firefighter angel jr.. >> littleelouie. the best. good lining guy. well mannered. >> big louie does not have to travel to new york to pay because two hollowwd pieces of twisted steel from ggound zero are now here in millers vil. >> the country'ssnewest monyoument. %-was even happening recentlynt
10:23 pm
within the last few weeks. that's how fast it all came tomorrow on broke ground on this site august 24 and put the finishing touuhes on the monument last niggt. >> located in front of county police and fire headquarters. phass 1 is complete. and eventually ttere will be more to tir the emotions. a walkway. benches, and plaaues, aaknowledging the ultimate sacrifice. -> wwth the plans that they have nice place. >> now hh can find olace ú%arby, in his own county. and he expects to seek it often. >> it will be a nice place. >> in millersville. joel d. smith, fox 45 news at 10:00..3 >> well turning to the weather. we had a beautiful late summer day.
10:24 pm
>> we understand it will be cooler, overnight. %-at the skyywatch forecast.look >> taste of chilly temperatures in fact, starting to cool down quite a bit. temperatures across the area.33 dropping down to the midd 0s, pretty much anywhere. 65 in agerstown. and 66 in dover, and ww will keep dropping another 10 degrees across the area for tonight. all due to the clear skies out there. as you can see, across baltimore. we are not seeing too much as far as clouddcover. and that's allowing us to cool down tonight aad also what will allow us to warm up to the upper 70s for tomorrow.3 but we will be dealing with the cool temmeratures tonight. expect low 50s in portiins f western maryland. -nd we will e around 60 degrees downtown. we have warmer temperattres and a little bit of rain in the forecast. i ill have the details on that coming up in a bit. >> thank ou emily. >> baltimore officials going to ggeat lengths to woo google to this area.3 >> in tonight's "word on the web", judy kurtz tells uu how the mayor is getting in on the effort to bring high speed
10:25 pm
judy?net to baltimore. >> baltimore is currently competing with more than 1000 communities around the counnry. tryinggto get google to install the super fast fiber optic internet system. web giant claims the internet would be 100 times faster than the connection in the average american home. its creation could bringgmoney and jobss that has mayor stephanie rawlings-blake taking the -ampaign o lure google to the streets. climbing in a manhole to highlight our underground conduit system. >> some city, went with a gimmick. one city named hhmselves google for the day. stress, the real reasons, he hard facts about why baltimore is the best place, for google fiber for communities. >> google said it will choose the communities thattwill receive the high speed internet byythe end of the year. i am judy kurtz, that's tonight's "wood on the web". >> you know, all of his miami heat and football. if you are the miami heat we
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%-ray lewis goes off on theejets and rex ryan. hear everything he saii unediteú coming up in "sports unliiiied". >> but next, the president got 3 lot of new voters to sign up when he was
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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>> ooe of the primary goals of any political caapaign, off3 course, is to get out to vote. >> thht election season thaa -ask has become more difficultt3 because of one large group of new voters. >> jeff abell shows us wwy maryland's political arties are struggling to get their attention. in tonight's cover story. poll problem. >> are you fired up? >> when democrrts opened the campaign headquarters in prince georgg's county last montt. they rallied the troops and prepared for a political season like no other..3 >> but thhs year, is a little different.ú >> what is different is thhú obama factor. two years ago, the president inspired miilions of people to register to vote. >> it was the perfect timm for me topas cast my vote to make a differeece. >> in the two years leading to presidential election, maryland
10:30 pm
gained 272,000 new voters. the vast majority, 237,000, became registered democrats. ú% clearly, it was african-americans, other minorities and young people that were coming to the polls for the first time, because they were energized by obama. >> but can all of those new voters be inspired to rrturn tt the pollss in an election year obama is not on the ballot? %-launched a full court press. they have created a diversity cooncil. to target and eddcate maryland's newest voters. >> what we wwnt to do is make sure that they vote again in 2010. >> but if maryland's republican headquarters. republican leaders targeting those new democratic voters. >> we love to have the new voters. actually, we intend to go after them..3
10:31 pm
every single votee we have a very aggressive field operatton and we are trying to call every voter in the state. >> but getting the vooers back to the polls could be a tall task. what could help analysts believe, is the opportunity vote early. but what mayyappeal most to the voters is a ccmpaign visit from president obamaa still analysts believe it is going to be a tough sale. >> ttey are not single issue voters, they re single person voters. they will come out and vote when obama or some other attractive ticket. when you have a bunch of white guyy trying to be elected. >> in silver spring, someeof the %-they will not return to the3 polll this year, even to elect the governor. >> jjst because i have other stuff to focus on. >> sometimes i don't feel -- the candidates i don't know. >> obama ggtt to run again, right? are haadly discouraged. many new voters are in prince
10:32 pm
george's county. them back.mpaign is on, to win ú% thank you. >> we know you can go out andd3 beg, borrow and steal and get them to the polls in november. >> one move to take us forward. are you ready to move? 10:00.f abell, fox 45 news at >> and as jeff said, maryland gained 272,000 new voters during the last presiiential electionn >> one quarter of them never actually vooed however. >> you know, all of this, i love the miami heat, football. if you are the miami heat, we >> ray lewis,,has a few thingss to about the jets. hear everything he says coming up in "sports unlimited." >> also ahead. the unusual circumstances that led a bomb squad to be called in -o deal with this toy. >> our areaais in need of some rain and it looks like we will get it this weekend.3 tell you when the wet weather arrives, coming up in
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again today. but suppooed to get cooler overnight. >> cool overnight. it has been dry. not necessarily a good thing..3 we could use the rain. a lot of folks in a drought situation. so talk about the rain coming up for the week. ú%joy the sunny weather for a looking where we typicallyystand
10:36 pm
for the month. normally we should have 1.2 inches, so far in the 9th day of september. and we have only had a trace. over an inch below average for this monnh. and for this season. so we are looking for some rain in the forecast. and it will come our way, on sunday. all right. outside here, on our hd skkcam. dry conditions. comfootable. and we are cooling down quickly. 66 degrees right now from theú inner harbbur. and partly cloudy skies. and the winds are out of the west-northwest at 6 miles pee hour. are picking up speed ooernight. so ww will cool down and see the breezy conditions for the next day or so as wwll. all righh. so we have had a high pressure dominating our weather situation here over the past day or so. big canadian high pressure off to the north and westt that is bringing in the temperatures are coming from overnight. mid 50s.folks drop down to the and low 50s. not outtof the question for some fflks..3 in western maryland as well. so a little bit cool heading off tomorrow morning.
10:37 pm
tropics this evening. tropical ddpressionnigor downgradeed from tropical stormú earlier today. and it is moving you west, still far away from the u.s. something ot tt be worrying about for tonight. or for the next couple of days, at least. but overnight the next week, watch it as it moves west. it is predicted to become a hurricane. hurricane centee is predicting a category 2 hurricane. %-so continue to watch that sysm tas gets closer to the u.s. back at homee no tropical weather to talk about, for the next coupleeof days. high ressure that has been bringing us sunshine toddy, will bring s sunshine for tomorrow. and saturday as ell. and that northerly flow will bring in comfortaale ttmperatures behind it. and then onne weehead into tte later part of the eekend. cold front will push into the picture. saturday night to the day on sunday. that front wwll brinn us rain. we could use the rain. and we may see uite a bit of ii by saturray and ssuday. warmer downtown.t 56. 66 degrees. coolee n the northwest suburbs.
10:38 pm
for tomorrow, another day similar to toddy. teeperatures in the mid 70s, easttrn shore,. with a liiht breeze out of the northhest. mostly sunny skies. pretty much evvrywhere for tomorrow. 78 in central maayland.ú and weewill see temperaturess3 rise into the mid 70s in western maryland with that northwest flow. at 10-to-15 miles per hour. now, iffyou are headed down to the beaches, late in the season here. but it looks like nice day on friday and saturday. and get ut there and enjoy the weather both days. because the showers will impact you sunday as wwll. high temperature of 77 degrees. so ffr tomorrow. 77 degrees here atthome. ú%very dry out there as well. anddthee over the next several days. slow warm upp about 80 degrees for saturddy. showers.e start to see the before we get back into the dry fox 45 sky watch weather s at your fingertips. at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track your
10:39 pm
storms. tools let you see when rain or snow is over your hoose. go to >> ooay. with less than one week to go -efore the primary, theerhetoric is heating up. joining us as always is our political analyst blair lee. thank you for joining us. >> hi, jeff. >> blair, in marrllnd, obviously republiccns and democrats can vote. independents, libertarians, constitutional party members sit this out n the so-called democracy, not to sound retor tallahassee cal but is thaa fairr >> i am not sure if it is a fairness issue. maybe a brightness issue. i think the day has come and in maryland, as yyu said, only democrats can vote in the democratic primary, only republicans in the republican primary. and they end up nominating the people that e get to vote for, in november. and sometimes that ends up skewing whether or not these folks represent the middle of the state or the conventional
10:40 pm
thinking. >> it is very interesting, because in a very democratic state like maryland, really if you are the republican, or let's say you are an independent or in a constitutional libertarian -arty, you do not have a voice. >> well, independents, basically take themselves out of the vote on purpose. i mean, if yyu don't register democrat or republican you have disenfranchised yourself. in baltimore city, prince george's, montgomery county, democratic primary is the electton. and so if you are ndependent and those three areas, you do not have a vote. >> blair lee, very interesting man. thank you for joining us again. %-we will be talking to you33 ppimary election night. >> thank you, jeff. >> thank you for your input. information on the key races by going to and clicking on vote 2010.
10:41 pm
but next, controversy over denttl fillings for childden. the daagerous hemical your child could be exposed to. >> the threat that was ca this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble.
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we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great. now let's get down to work.
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>> the harford county city council ignites firestorm. planning to hold muslim prayers before the meetings this month. prayers before the meetings ggts a turn. this month it is islaa. and the panhandle is getting disturbing e-mails. ú% these are e-mails that i have received. from residents. troubling to me. some of thh conversations, that they saa. some oo the things that they say. the names that they all. the racist stuff. >> open our council meeting witú prryer, like the presiient, ends every speech. with god bless america. >> critics say this comes too close however to the 9/11 anniversary. want to spread the message of inclusion. >> a school on lockdown, a bomb squad and rrbot called in, all because of a suspicious package
10:45 pm
that looked like this. that is a toy pony. it was found in the middle of a cul-de-sac in a esidentiall3 neighborhood near a school in orlando florida and that's what happened to it. authorities ttok it very seriiuslly deciding that the best thing to do was blow it up. and after examining the bits blown around the streee they decided it was all harm. >> sad ending to a child's toy. >> fillings and sealants used bidenists can expose kids to the chemical disphenyl a known as bpa. they do not know if the exposure poses long-term risk. and it has bben blamed for a number of illnesses, including cancer and infertility and behavioral problems. >> ray lewis sounds off on the jets. rate rrceivers fit intose first
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>> another gorgeous day tomorrow. temperatures nnthe mid to upper 70s. and then nice again saturday. ú% degrees. warming to 80 for sunday as well. with showers cominggin late saturday night and duuing the day sunday. we will dry out monday to tuesday. with temperatures in the lower 80s. before there are cooler temperatures middle of next week. back to you. >> thank you emily. >> ray lewis sounds off bout the ravens opening game >> bruce cunningham hassit easy
10:49 pm
tonight because ray is dominating the sports. unlimited". bruce? >> thank you ray. well, coming up on "sports unlimited", are you sick and tired of heariig about tte new york jets? you are not alone. ray lewis is too. we will hear from him. and with three receivers on the offense, how in world do theyco exist, we will hear how it works. and coors light silver spotlight. now. >> as we head into the nfl season, new york jets seemmto be everywhere. they aae on hard knox, they are on espn. people are talking about them as a possible superbowl ttam. all of this, before they even take the field. people are getting kind of sick of it here in baltimore. aad prominent among them is legend ray lewis, who has heard enough and today he went off. here is ray

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